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Many Utahns know the West Jordan Shopping Center, a shopping mall with historic buildings, boutiques, shops and restaurants. On an area of over 500 hectares, shopping in the area is child's play, with a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and even a golf course.

One of the restaurant's most popular offerings is the lunch buffet, which offers guests a variety of dishes to choose from. Vegetarians are spoiled with meat - free sushi and tempura noodles, and gluten-free dinners have more than 15 meals to choose from, and children can choose from three meals, all served with fruit. The menu is huge and includes discounted lunches, as well as a range of starters, salads, pasta, sandwiches and desserts served on different sides. Not to mention the activities on the menu and the variety of dishes.

For customers who are not squeamish about raw fish, Sakana also offers tempura - fried vegetables and prawns. The village baker serves a variety of salads and soups, and some of the most popular dishes are fried rice, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, turkey and chicken breast.

Visit Sakana Sushi Bar and Japanese cuisine to enjoy sushi and tempura, or start your meal with a selection of starters. Then head to the traditional pasta, seafood or chicken dishes and visit the sushi bar where you can enjoy some of the best sushi in town.

The menu offers a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes, and with options to adjust the level of spicy heat, guests will surely find something they love. This small restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner and offers a wide range of dishes prepared from scratch and available for purchase at a reasonable price. The menus are freshly prepared and are equipped with the herb and spice mixtures so characteristic of Indian cuisine. Customers love their cashews with their freshly baked buns as much as the spicy chicken and rice dishes.

Gluten-free food is available to guests and Archibald's is family-friendly and perfect for a crowd. Children must not forget their own menu either, as they order from the menu with options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The New Thai Cafe is one of the most popular Thai restaurants in the West Bank and offers reliably good Thai cuisine without frills. The restaurant has earned a loyal following for its high quality, friendly service and location.

Owned by a family and dedicated to serving authentic food from all major regions of India, Bombay House is so popular that it is a popular place to stay. Indian cuisine with fresh ingredients, community and atmosphere dedicated not only to food but also to the people of the West Bank.

Not surprisingly, they offer a wide menu that includes dishes from the West Bank, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the Middle East. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers a menu of southwestern cuisine.

Prices are generous and portions are large enough to take home later, but not so large that you have to make sure you leave room in your stomach for a bowl of sweetened whipped cream or a glass of wine.

Fox Hole is a playful joint that has fun and gets dirty with burgers. It's a great place to have a beer, sit back with good friends and watch a game. Sakana Sushi Bar has been named one of the best sushi spots in Utah, and some critics even claim that it competes with some of the best sushi restaurants in Utah, such as Katsuya in Salt Lake City. Fox Hole was a good choice for a fun evening in the West Bank, a place with great food, great drinks and great atmosphere.

West Bank is a suburb of Salt Lake City, located at the foot of the majestic Oquirrh Mountains. Archibald's Restaurant is located in a 130-year-old mill built by the restaurant's namesake. The interior has a rustic charm and is decorated with various antique paintings that represent the pioneering history of the region. Naborhood Bakery is located on a cobbled path in the heart of the West Bank, just blocks from the Utah State Capitol.

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