Candidates hit the streets in last days of close House race

Published 11-04-2018

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WEST JORDAN, Utah (AP) - Days before voters will decide a razor-thin race one of Utah's U.S. House seats, Republican Rep. Mia Love and challenger Ben McAdams are hitting the streets to urge every last voter to cast their ballots.

McAdams knocked on doors Saturday while Love and her team climbed aboard a modified scooter as she visited homes in West Jordan.

The district tends to lean Republican, but polls indicate a neck-in-neck race between the two-term incumbent and the mayor of Salt Lake County.

Love has been stressing her independence from President Donald Trump during the campaign and fending off attacks from McAdams, who pitches himself as a moderate.

Love became the first black female Republican in the U.S. House in 2014. McAdams is the Salt Lake County mayor.

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